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The SolaHD UPS product line consists of four topologies and classes of power protection:

DC topology provides cost effective, efficient backup power for 24 Vdc operations.  The SolaHD DC UPS will support the load during AC power loss or power supply failure.

Off-Line - also called Standby - is a cost effective UPS choice for small, less critical, stand-alone applications such as isolated PLC, PC's and peripherals. Network communications are a useful option.

Line-Interactive - technology provides highly effective power conditioning plus UPS back-up. This is particularly applicable in areas where power outages are rare, but where there are frequent power fluctuations. Network communications are available, and sometimes necessary.

On-Line - this alternative provides the highest levels of power protection, conditioning and UPS available. But make sure it is true On-Line technology. Some manufacturers call their Line-Interactive models "on-line' True On-Line is accomplished with double conversion technology. Network communications are often necessary to protect mission-critical applications.

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