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Phasemaster® Rotary Phase Converters

A Phasemaster Rotary Three Phase Converter is simply the most reliable, least expensive way to run your 3-phase equipment. It will start and run any load--motors, rectifiers, heaters, and variable-frequency drives or any of these in combination. A Phasemaster Rotary Phase Converter is engineered and built as a single, self-contained unit--not an erector set of capacitor panels, idler motors, and other components. And Phasemaster Rotary Three-Phase Converters offer other features unmatched in the industry:

Highest capacity and most overload capability. Our conservative ratings mean that our 10 HP Phase Converter will start and run your 10 HP load-you won't need a 20 HP phase converter to do the job right.
Start and run any load, any size, every time. Our Phase Converters come in a range of sizes to ensure that your load develops full-rated HP or KW output-for more starting and running torque and more total HP capacity.
Efficient and cost effective. A Phasemaster Phase Converter won't affect your power bill-and you may even pay less with the elimination of utility demand charges.
The quietest phase converter you can buy. To see what we mean, listen to our sound level data.
Fast and simple installation, backed by 24/7 technical support-the best in the industry.
Long service life. No service prone parts. No adjustments or phase balancing required.
Guaranteed quality. Rigorous inspections and testing during production ensure every Phasemaster Rotary Three-Phase Converter is the best it can be. And if something goes wrong, we have the best warranty service in the industry. No hassle.
Dual voltage 230/460 on most ratings, at no extra charge CSA/NRTL, UL equivalent approval

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Single to 3 Phase

Phase Converters convert 230 or 460 volt single phase service to 230 or 460 volt three-phase power. It is ideal for rapidly growing areas where electrical facilities have not kept pace with the demand for three-phase power. Phase Converters are practical in remote areas where distance makes it too expensive to extend three-phase power lines. There can be an economical advantage even in areas where three-phase service is available due to utility rate structures. In addition to motor applications. Phase Converters can also solve the problem of single to three-phase conversion for solid state power supply loads in transmitters, computers and other electronic equipment.

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