When you buy AC Rectifiers from a well-known provider, you can be confident of buying a top quality product that will give you the performance and longevity you need. We source Elimination Rectifiers, AC DC Rectifiers and a whole range of other electrical equipment from some of the top producers in the country. In fact, we’re one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of AC DC Rectifiers that you’ll come across in the country. If you need a rectifier that will get the job done efficiently and won’t let you down when you need it most, something from our versatile selection is the perfect solution.

AC DC Rectifiers


We stock a great selection of AC DC Rectifiers, suitable for many different applications. If you can’t find the one that you’re looking for, or need any further product information, our approachable, friendly team will be happy to help. We have a large, well-managed inventory of products, enabling us to quickly track down the make and model you’re looking for even if it’s a less common item. No matter what type of Elimination Rectifiers or other electrical parts you’re looking for, we’ve normally have them in stock ready to ship.


Our customers are a diverse bunch, so we make sure we’ve got rectifiers in stock to suit a variety of markets. From PVR Process Rectifiers for plating and refining through to Constant Voltage Rectifiers which are commonly used in cranes, magnets and motor supplies. If you can think of an application, we’ve usually got a rectifier that will work. As a matter of fact, we are one of leading suppliers of top quality AC Rectifiers in the country. In addition to new rectifiers, we also frequently have second-hand or reconditioned items available, giving you more choices when it comes to getting the products you want.


As an established provider of Elimination Rectifiers, Circuit Breakers, Transformers and many other electrical items, we’re dedicated to providing all our customers with exceptional service, fantastic products and excellent value for your money. Whether you’re looking for a high volume of AC DC Rectifiers or just one, we can provide what you need, quickly and easily. To find out more, call us now at 631-226-2424.

Bruce Electric offers the full catalog of rectifiers manufactured by Kinetics Industries, Inc.   These products are quality built in the USA and designed to meet a wide range of applications

  • JVR Magnet Rectifier series for power supplies from demanding applications such as scrap metal magnets and fuseless applications.
  • MVR Constant Voltage Rectifier Series, solid state for relatively small industrial applications.
  • CVR Constant Voltage Rectifiers for DC Bus applications such as cranes, dockside power, magnets and motor supplies.
  • SVR Stabilized Voltage Rectifiers for stabilized DC systems with unregulated AC input.
  • GVR Series designed for elevator duty and specifically approved for use in New York City.
  • CIR and SIR solid state rectifiers for mercury arc or ignition retrofit applications.
  • PVR Process Rectifiers for plating and refining applications.
  • VVR Isolated SCR Motor Drives applications.
  • SMG Static Motor Generators for electrical and mechanical replacement of motor generator sets in a packaged speed control system.
  • SCR On-Line Motor Drive for line type DC motors driven directly from converted three phase AC power to variable DC by controlling the firing of power SCRs.
  • Specialty Dry Type Transformers for all applications.
  • TVR AC/DC Test Power Center providing both AC and DC power for low voltage testing of many AC and DC motors in use today in electrical power systems.
  • TVX AC test power Center is for AC testing only and is similar in all respects to the TVR.
  • THV High Voltage AC Test Power Center is a companion piece for the TVR and/or the TVX providing higher voltages and a wider range.
  • Special Controls and Switchgear.

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