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kVA = (Amps × Volts) / 1000
       Single phase formula
kVA = (Amps × 1.732 × Volts) / 1000
       Three phase formula


The following are definitions for the terms used in this calculator

What is kVA (Kilovolt-Amperes)?

WkVA (kilovolt-amperes) is a unit of apparent power in an electrical system, combining real and reactive power. It represents the total power used, accounting for both actual work and stored energy. kVA is crucial for sizing equipment like transformers and generators in AC systems.

What is Voltage?

Voltage, measured in volts (V), is the electrical potential difference that drives current through a circuit. It acts like "pressure" pushing electric charges to power devices. Different devices require specific voltage levels, such as 120V or 240V for household outlets.

What is Amps?

Amps (amperes) measure the flow of electric current, indicating how much electric charge passes through a circuit per second. One ampere equals the flow of one coulomb of charge per second. Understanding amps is vital to ensure electrical components aren't overloaded, preventing overheating or damage.

What is a Transformer?

A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy between circuits through electromagnetic induction. It adjusts voltage levels, either stepping up or stepping down, to meet various application needs. Transformers are essential for efficiently distributing electricity over long distances and ensuring safe usage.

Why is kVA Rating required for a Transformer?

The kVA rating of a transformer indicates its capacity to handle a specified amount of apparent power without overheating. It includes both real and reactive power, ensuring the transformer can manage the total power supplied. This rating ensures safe and efficient operation under expected load conditions.

What is Single Phase kVA Ratings?

Single Phase kVA Ratings are used to measure the power capacity of a phase system or device. In a single phase setup power is transmitted through an AC waveform. The kVA rating shows the load that the system can handle without surpassing its limits, which is important, for tasks such, as residential or light commercial power provision.

What is Three Phase kVA Ratings?

Three Phase kVA Ratings indicate the power capacity of a three phase system or equipment. In three phase systems power is distributed through three alternating currents each phase differing by 120 degrees resulting in a stable power supply. The kVA rating specifies the load that the system can handle for industrial, commercial and large scale power operations.