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Step Down Transformers work by reducing the voltage for a given application.  The electricity in your house is delivered at a steady 110v. In fact, throughout the United States, electricity companies generally use 110v, but this is not the case throughout the world. In many other countries, electricity is delivered to houses at 220v. If

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Bruce Electric: Hammond Transformer (HPS) Specialists

Bruce electric is the best source to buy any HPS product, because our passion is finding the right transformer for any applications our clients have, no matter how challenging. Hammond is a brand that is well known in the market for its dry-type transformers, and their quality has been established for many years. We have

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Used Transformers: The Pros & Cons

Used Transformers: The Pros & Cons To begin with, we should first understand why buying used transformers, unlike so many other types of reconditioned equipment, is a sound consideration. Not all equipment easily lends itself to being reconditioned by the nature of its design. This isn’t the case with most transformers. Why Reconditioned Transformers are

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