Advantages of Dry Type Transformers include compact size, light weight, durability, low cost, and versatility. While Dry Type Transformers aren’t designed to handle the heat capacity and momentary overloads of liquid-filled units, these transformers are still suitable for a wide range of applications. To maintain performance and longevity, Dry Type Transformers must be situated in the proper location and position. For best results, use Dry Type Transformers from Bruce Electric, who happen to be one of the leading suppliers in the country. To assess these factors, Bruce Electric has developed a reference library of drawings and designs, enabling us to offer a complete line of renewal parts, services and the resources to answer all of your questions. Simply contact us or view our catalog to receive expert guidance and service from experienced electric equipment dealers.


Energy efficient TP-1 Transformers were introduced to encourage production and purchase of transformers with reduced loss and waste of energy.  Since their introduction in 1995, these transformers have become one of the most widely used elements in the U.S. electric distribution system.  In addition to other products in our line, like our Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformers and Single Phase Dry Type Transformers, we consistently stock these transformers with 600 or 480 primary voltage and 240/120 or 280/120 secondary voltages.


Machine Tool Control Transformers are used to step down a primary voltage to a well regulated 120v secondary.  Percent impedance of machine tool control transformers is increased through a combination of increased transformer turns, mean turn length, total coil build, and a decreased winding length.  Machine Tool Control Transformers are able to adapt to momentary current inrushes while maintaining stabilized voltage outputs through the interleaving of the primary and secondary coils.  These transformers are important to any piece of equipment that require a high inrush for starting and power supply.

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