Used Refurbished Transformers are expertly perfected by our skilled professionals to suit any of our customer requirements. Full protection is achieved by fitting oil and winding temperature indicators with alarm and trip facilities, buchholz relays, CTs and pressure relief devices. Bruce Electric has resources and expertise, who can help develop Used Refurbished Transformers into full-blown air and compound transformers, as well as match the standard step-down designs. We have included certain applications in specialty designs for steel rolling mills and DC Rectifiers. Feel free to contact our experts to have all your questions answered regarding the application of our Used Refurbished Transformers or Machine Tool Control Transformers and other products such as Power Line Conditioners.


By mere flipping of a switch, Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers are able to increase and decrease voltage to match domestic and international needs. All Step Up and Step Down Transformers come with 5’ of cord with a grounded U.S. plug. In addition to the domestic components, all Non-Voltage Regulator Transformers possess a European Schuko outlet. In fact, we’re one of the largest suppliers of Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers available in the country.


Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformers are designed for high humidity and aggressive atmosphere installations. The USP of these thermal shock resistant and virtually maintenance-free transformers is that they are are capable of functioning even at low temperatures and can be recycled for copper content at the end of service life due to optimized polyester-based insulation. Since applications include many residential and professional settings, medium voltage dry type transformers are designed with ecologically friendly properties and a concern for safety. No additional toxic gasses are released during operation and minimum combustion capability is incorporated in case of fire. To learn more about all of the quality products developed in our ISO certified facilities, view our catalog. We not only offer transformers but also have a great stock of three phase buck boost transformers, DC elimination rectifiers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and many other products.