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Bruce electric is the best source to buy any HPS product, because our passion is finding the right transformer for any applications our clients have, no matter how challenging. Hammond is a brand that is well known in the market for its dry-type transformers, and their quality has been established for many years. We have sold these units to several large enterprises for applications in the automobile industries, the power sector, mining organizations, etc.  HPS products are very popular with customers because they have the benefits of being configured with different specifications as per the requirement. Providing reliability and features that competitors cannot match. Bruce Electric has a vast collection of different types of HPS transformers, such as power reactors, instrument transformers, and others like working transformer (W), dual winding power reactor, electrical generator transformer, etc. It is very easy to set up HPS Transformers without any problem because HPS Transformers are completely dry-type from inside. HPS Transformers can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. HPS Transformers have an average efficiency of around 85%.

With Hammond Power Solutions transformers, you can measure voltage, current, power, and other parameters easily. It is very cost-effective with the availability of high-quality at a lower price. This transformer will not create a loss in your power because it comes with a dry-type structure, which keeps the coil inside away from moisture. HPS transformer’s primary operation is for industrial use and also, in turn, to generate electricity for different applications suitable for solar projects, power generation, reactors, etc. Bruce Electric has a vast range of HPS transformers with different specifications as per requirement.

Common Types HPS Offers Are:

Control Transformers & Automation Transformers

Hammond Transformer Control and Automation

Low Voltage Distribution

Hammond Low Voltage Transformers

Medium Voltage Distribution

Hammond Medium Voltage Transformers


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Hammond Specialty Transformers

A few common Primary Voltages HPS Offers:

  • 230V
  • 400V
  • 600V
  • 1000V

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Units are designed and manufactured by Hammond according to IS standards.  HPS transformers will prove to be very helpful for those people who want the transformer to work perfectly even in areas with inadequate power supply. You can get HPS units of any size and ratings at Bruce Electric.

Hammond Custom Transformers

Hammond Custom Transformers is one of the many Hammond services that Bruce Electric has to offer to its clients. Units are specially manufactured according to your requirements, and they are made for customized power ratings in a small quantity range. If you want to order a Hammond Power Solutions transformer, speak to one of our HPS specialists today.  They’re very strong and durable because they’re made from high-quality material in a dry-type structure, widely used due to their small size, high quality, and portability.