Step Down Transformers – How Do They Work?


Step Down Transformers work by reducing the voltage for a given application.  The electricity in your house is delivered at a steady 110v. In fact, throughout the United States, electricity companies generally use 110v, but this is not the case throughout the world. In many other countries, electricity is delivered to houses at 220v. If you take a look at the electrical equipment around your house, you will notice that almost everything has an electrical specification that says “110v.” However, in order to work properly, many appliances are connected to a transformer. What if you purchase an appliance or an electrical product that operates at a lower voltage? If you connect that product to your house without any transformer, it is likely to go kaput as soon as you turn the switch on!

That’s why step-down transformers are used. A step-down transformer is a device that can be connected to the switch and the appliance. There are two types of transformers that you should know about: step up and step down transformers. Step-up transformers generally produce a higher output voltage than the input voltage. For instance, if you have an appliance that operates at 220v, you will probably need a step-up transformer in order to amplify the voltage from 110 to 220v. However, if you need lesser voltage, step-down transformers will be used.

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How Does the Transformer Work?

The concept of a step-down transformer is actually quite simple. The transfer has more turns of wire on the primary coil as compared to the turns on the secondary coil. This reduces the induced voltage running through the secondary coil, which ultimately reduces the output voltage. Most people think that as the voltage is reduced, the output power from the transformer will also be decreased, but that is not the case. According to the laws of physics, a drop in the voltage means that the current goes up.

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